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Dear Parent and Carers,

Following my communication on Friday, I am sure you are all aware of the weather warning for extreme heat that has been given out for Monday and Tuesday. As the temperatures are predicted to reach over 35 degrees, we are making some changes to the school days on Monday and Tuesday to ensure that the children and staff remain safe and not affected by the heat.

It is imperative that all children bring a water bottle to school with them. Water will be available throughout the day for children to replenish their bottles. Unfortunately we do not have spare bottles and the children will need to stay hydrated throughout the school day. All children must attend school wearing sun cream and a sun hat to protect them from the sun during breaktimes. Children may reapply sun cream to themselves at lunchtimes if they bring sun cream with them. Younger children will be supervised to ensure that they apply it correctly. Sun cream should be labelled with your child’s name and class. Due to potential allergies children will not be able to share cream with friends.

In addition, if children feel cooler in non-uniform of loose, light coloured clothing please feel free to send them in this for the next couple of days.  We just ask no:

  • jogging bottoms or leggings
  • vest tops (with shoulders exposed to the sun)
  • hoodies
  • short shorts
  • flip flops

The amount of time the children spend outside in direct sunlight will be limited to ensure that nobody is at risk from sunburn or sunstroke. Children may spend part of lunchtime in their classroom if we feel that outside does not offer enough shade from direct sunlight as the temperature will be greatest between 12 and 3pm.

Thanks in advance for your support, it is lovely to see the sunshine but we need to keep our school community safe.

Take care,

Mrs Hargrave