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St Robert Southwell

Catholic Primary School

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Art & DT

At St. Robert Southwell our intention is to provide a curriculum which enables children to generate ideas, embrace their imaginations, acquire skills and enjoy learning. We want children to develop as critical and creative thinkers and aim to foster originality and creativity using Art, Design and Technology as means of communication. We offer opportunities to recognise and be inspired by our surroundings and encourage each other to use our artistic talents to display our appreciation of God’s world.


Art & Design



At St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School we aim to inspire and develop children's creativity and self-expression through an exploratory Art Curriculum. Year on year, children will experience a range of media and artists whilst also developing their ability to experiment and make informed choices about their artwork. Knowledge and skills are developed and embedded, along with self-reflection and discussion, as children progress through the school. We aim to inspire and develop the creativity and self-expression of all children including those with SEND, EAL and those in receipt of Pupil premium grant through an aspirational and inclusive art curriculum. All children can build on their knowledge and skills year on year to reach their full potential.


Our Art & Design curriculum encourages the children at St. Robert Southwell to express, explore and celebrate ideas, feelings and values. Throughout their time in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children learn about the materials and techniques used by artists; develop their own knowledge, understanding and skills and learn about the wider world of art, craft and design.

We aim to increase the opportunities for our children to experience:

  • Art from different cultures
  • Art within our local community
  • Visits to museums, galleries and workshops
  • A wide variety of materials and techniques


Our art curriculum is planned to ensure that children reflect and evaluate their work and others. Children are encouraged to discuss and decide and become independent and creative learners. Children will have artistic knowledge and skills embedded. Formative and summative assessments run throughout the year. 

St Robert's learners will:

  • produce creative/individual work, exploring ideas and experiences
  • be proficient in drawing, painting and sculpture
  • evaluate and analyse creative work using subject specific vocabulary
  • meet the end of key stage expectations outlined in the National Curriculum


Design & Technology

Through Design and Technology, children understand how to keep themselves safe and develop their self-esteem when learning about how things work around them. Through building and developing relationships, children at St. Robert Southwell are able to recognise the importance of sharing tools safely, working together and improving their designs collaboratively.

Opportunities arise throughout our curriculum for children to be inspired by the creativity of others and develop their own deigns to solve problems. We want children to contribute positively to the world around them and encourage them to plan, experiment, construct and evaluate their designs as they progress.