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Spoken language


Developing key English skills, particularly speaking and listening, plays a huge part within all subjects across the curriculum. Communication and Language within the Early Years is vital and underpins all areas of development. Children need opportunities to continually develop their vocabulary.  Lessons are planned with an emphasis on building vocabulary knowledge and understanding it’s meaning and application in the correct context. There are planned opportunities to work in groups of different sizes, including pairs, small groups and as a whole class. We aim to support children in becoming confident and competent communicators, who are able to use their speaking and listening skills in a wide variety of situations. At St Robert Southwell we believe that children need to hear good oracy skills consistently across the school as the more they are exposed to these skills used in everyday life, the deeper development of their ability to speak clearly and communicate.


A strong development of spoken language will enable children to clearly clarify their thinking and organise their ideas which will filter into their writing.



Speaking and listening is a life-long skill which can be transferred into all areas of the curriculum and life.  By the time children leave our school, we aim for them to:

•             be able to communicate effectively and speak with confidence, clarity and fluency

•             be able to fully participate in discussions and debates

•             articulate their ideas and thoughts clearly with appropriate tone and vocabulary

•             respond to questions and differing opinions appropriately

•             recognise how to adapt speech to a range of different audiences

•             retell a range of stories and poems by heart

•             listen carefully and respond appropriately to what is being said

•             ask questions with increasing confidence to develop insight