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Welcome to Jericho Class - Year 3


Teachers:                    Mrs Judson 

                                       Mrs Rafferty (Wednesday mornings)

French:                       Mrs Hudson

PE:                                 Mrs Burnell 

Music:                          Mrs O’Sullivan 

TA:                                 Mrs White  

SEN TAs:                      Mrs Longo and Mrs D’Arcy

Trainee Teacher:     Mrs Anderson (Mondays and Tuesdays)



Our topics:




Stone Age to Iron Age


Including Science units - Forces and Magnets





Including Science unit - Rocks

From Farm to Fork

(Geography and Science)

Including Science units - Plants

Animals including humans – nutrition and skeletons

RE topics using Come and See






Listening and Sharing

Giving All



Special Places


All our topics are cross curricular.


Spring Term Topic:

This term our topic is the UK.  We will be learning:

  • Locational knowledge about the UK as a whole
  • Place knowledge about our area of the UK
  • Human and physical characteristics
  • Landmarks
  • Mapwork and compass skills

We will use a variety of texts in English that link to our topic:

  • Blue John by Berlie Doherty
  • A variety of traditional tales
  • Information texts, including maps



What should your child bring to school each day?

  • Reading book
  • Reading record book
  • Lunch
  • Small pencil case
  • Named water bottle
  • Homework book on Thursdays


If your child brings a rucksack instead of a book bag, please make sure it is small as our cloakroom space is very limited.


School Uniform - All school uniform must be clearly labelled.




Try to read every day, and at least 3 times a week to an adult.  Use the questions on your reading bookmark to help you talk about the book. 

Record your reading in your reading record book.

Reading record books will be checked regularly


We will learn spelling rules and patterns in class.  You will have a list of up to 10 words that follow the pattern or rule to learn each week using a variety of activities.

Weekly test


Times tables.  We will focus on one times table at a time, as well as revising those previously learned.


Written Activity

This will usually be Maths, RE or Topic work.

This task should take about 20 -30 mins. 




September to February half term – Wednesdays and Fridays

February half term to July – Wednesdays and Thursdays (swimming)

Please bring PE kits in to school on Mondays.


Times Tables

In year 3, we will learn the 4, 8 and 3 times tables.

We will also revise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables from year 2.

We will practise them regularly in class using games and activities.

The children need to practise them at home using Times Table Rock Stars.

These websites are also useful:



The children will be taught to use the continuous cursive handwriting style.  They will learn the correct formation of each letter in class. 

This link shows animations for each letter, as taught in class:



The children will be exposed to a range of quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts in class.  They need to read as often and as widely as possible at home. 

Recommended reading lists for year 3:


Class Saint

Our class saint is St Therese of Lisieux.  We will learn about her life and how we can be like her.


Parents’ Evenings

There will be parents’ evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms.  In the Summer term, parents will receive a written report.


House Points

The children can collect house points for effort, work and behaviour.  Each half term, the house with the most house points will have a non-uniform day.



On your child’s birthday, we ask that they do not bring sweets for their friends, but if they would like to donate a book to the class for the book corner instead, then it would be greatly appreciated.  They can also come to school in their own clothes on their birthday, or on the nearest school day if their birthday falls at the weekend.



Please come and see us if you have any information, questions or concerns regarding your child.