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Welcome to Damascus: Year 6


Teachers:      Miss O'Sullivan


French:        Mrs Hudson

PE:            Mrs Burnell 

Music:         Mrs Knight

TA:            Mrs Street

SEN TAs:       Mrs Thorndyke


Our topics:




World War II

Ancient Greece

Masters of Disasters

Animals including humans


Living things and their habitats






Evolution and inheritance


Each half-term, we will be focusing on a different topic, each of which are broken down into manageable objectives.  

Each of the objectives are worked through in the following sections: 

Section 1: Hear

This section is the starting point of each lesson and allows learners to form a foundation of learning by reading through the scripture. 

Section 2: Believe

This section details the Catholic belief and teaching related to the scripture.

Section 3: Live

This section has a range of activities that help learners to understand how Catholics should respond to the scripture and belief. Learners are also able to understand how they are invited to live out the scripture in their lives. 

Section 4: Celebrate

This section explores ways in which Catholics respond to the scripture and teaching through their prayer and liturgy. 


What should your child bring to school each day?

  • Reading book
  • Lunch
  • Small pencil case
  • Named water bottle
  • Reading Records (Mon) and Homework books (Fri)


If your child brings a rucksack, please make sure it is small as our cloakroom space is very limited.


School Uniform - All school uniform must be clearly labelled.



Reading and Reading Journal

Try to read every day, and regularly with an adult so that you can talk about your reading.


Hand in on Mondays.


You will also have a weekly list of High Frequency Words, and National Curriculum words to practise at home.  The list will contain a mixture of words to revise and new words.  Make sure you know the meanings of these words and can use them in sentences.

Learn the spellings in your own chosen style using the spelling strategies and spelling activities suggested on our homework page.  You do not need to hand this work in.  

The best way to learn spellings is little and often.

Spellings will be introduced on Fridays and assessed the following Friday.

Times Tables

Keep practising all the times tables regularly in order to maintain your speed. 

The best way to learn times tables is little and often.


There are links to online games below.

Ongoing - Average 5 minutes each day



Autumn Term - Wednesdays and Fridays

Please wear PE kit to school on these days.


Times Tables

Keep practising these regularly to keep up your speed and fluency.

We will practise them regularly in class using games and activities.

You can use Times Table Rock Stars.

These websites are also useful:


Handwriting and Presentation

Please ensure that all homework is presented well

This link shows animations for each letter if you are unsure of the formation:



The children will be exposed to a range of quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts in class.  They need to read as often and as widely as possible at home in order to build up their reading stamina. 

Recommended reading lists for year 6:


Class Saint

Our class saint is St Paul.  We will learn about his life and how we can be like him.


Parents’ Evenings

There will be parents’ evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms.  In the Summer term, parents will receive a written report.


House Points

The children can collect house points for effort, work and behaviour.  Each half term, the house with the most house points will have a non-uniform day.



On your child’s birthday, we ask that they do not bring sweets for their friends, but if they would like to donate a book to the class for the book corner instead, then it would be greatly appreciated.  They can also come to school in their own clothes on their birthday, or on the nearest school day if their birthday falls at the weekend.



SATS will take place from 9th – 12th May 2023.



Please come and see us if you have any information, questions or concerns regarding your child.