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Dear Parents

Welcome to Nazareth Class. The teachers are Mrs Cousins and Mrs Hudson supported by Mrs Munson,Miss Ottley and Mrs D’Arcy.

  This term our topic is Fire and Ice. We will be reading 'Zog ' by Julia Donaldson and 'Dragon Post' by Emma Yarlett. We will be looking at a range of genres with story writing, lost posters, letter writing, diary writing and descriptive writing featuring this term.

Our Topic sessions will focus on the differences between Toys now and in the past. In our DT we will be making our own peg toys.

Number bonds

By the end of year 1 the expectation is that all children should know their number bonds to 20. This term we will be focusing on number bonds to 10. We will cover these in class, but please practice with your children at home as much as possible. Some ideas of activities are:

  • You say 8 and your child would have to say 2 etc.
  • Number bond bingo
  • Number bond pairs
  • Number bond snap

It does not need to be boring and time consuming.


Helping to Enrich our Topic

It is always great to have items or visitors that support our topic, so if anyone has any experience or items that may help us with any of the work above that we could hear about or borrow, we would love to see and hear about them.


Please make sure your child brings in a water bottle each day with fresh water; ensure all jumpers are labelled and bring a coat for any wet weather. Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday; please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit.


Please read with your child regularly. You may like to add a positive or helpful comment in their reading diary, but please acknowledge the fact that the book has been read by signing and dating in the comments space. A member of staff will be checking reading records during the week and children are expected to have read at least 3 times a week with an adult. Adults at school will not write in the books as we have our own records.


Useful Websites:

If you’re looking for ways to support your child the following website will be helpful:





Questions you could ask your child about their learning this term:

  • What equipment do firefighters need?
  • What is on a fire engine?
  • What training do they need to become a firefighter?
  • Why do we need full stops?
  • Where did the Great Fire of London start?
  • Who was Samuel Pepys?
  • How long did the Great Fire of London last?
  • Why did the fire spread so quickly?
  • Do you know your number bonds to 10?

Vocabulary we will learn this term:



Key Vocabulary


A place that makes bread, cakes, etc.

St Paul’s Cathedral

A very large church in London. A new St Paul’s Cathedral was built after the fire.


A book that people write about their lives in.



A gap that stops a fire spreading to nearby buildings.




On your child’s birthday, we ask that they do not bring sweets for their friends, but if they would like to donate a book to the class for the book corner instead, then it would be greatly appreciated.  They can also come to school in their own clothes on their birthday, or on the nearest school day if their birthday falls at the weekend.


Tips when reading with your child;

  1. Discuss the illustrations. What do they think is going on? Why?
  2. Predict what may happen? What would be good/bad etc.
  3. Make up alternative endings.
  4. Discuss what your child’s likes/dislikes are about the text.
  5. What did we learn from the story? Was there a moral, did it give them any information? Was it factual or a fiction story?
  6. Can you change your voice for all the characters?
  7. Be guided by your child’s interests- Read your own stories as well as school books.
  8. Become an explorer- Read fact, fiction, rhymes, poems, picture books.
  9. Ask questions about the story.
  10. Discuss the sequence of events. Can you recall the events?
  11. Most important keep it short, enjoyable and fun.


 Check back here regularly to see photos of what we have been up to…


Many thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Cousins